Sunday, March 31, 2013

Making the Grand Old Party grand again

Being a conservative right now is difficult.  Why?  The GOP, frankly, sucks.  The party is divided between people with extraordinarily different views, and is being run by conservative extremists.  Generally, besides poor candidate selection, this extremism has lost many voters who are attempting to jump ship to the marginally more neutral Democratic side of things.  PS, the key word in that sentence is marginally.

Yet, I happen to be one of those voters, and this issue has been bothering me for quite some time.  Then, one day in microbiology, I was surfing through yahoo when a news article came up mentioning how Karl Rove (key Republican party strategist) believed changes were on the horizon for the upcoming election cycle.  I was interested, so I looked further into the article.

Farther down, Rove discussed how the Republican Party needed to reach out to Latino voters.  His suggested solution, and I quote, is:

"We need to take our spokesmen—like Susana Martinez and Brian Sandoval, governors of New Mexico and Nevada, and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz—and get them out there along with the rest of the party, communicating around the country,"'ve got to be kidding me.

Let me get this straight...your get more Latino to send out the Latino members of the Republican Party to talk to people, which will get them to vote for you?  Are you serious???

This is the most racist, ass backwards idea I have ever heard of.  That's like saying that we should send caucasion members of Congress out around the country to get the white vote.  Or Asian members of Congress to get the Asian-American vote.


And this is the problem with the Republican Party.  If you want the Latino vote, you're going to need to listen and act on pertinent issues, and that is how you get someone's vote.  I don't care how many Latino senators you send out, you need to stop and comprehend what the Latino voters desire.  And trust me, there are many different members of Latin-American society who represent diverse interests, and want different things from their environment.

Want to know why Barack Obama received the overwhelming African American vote?  Because African Americans believe that he understands the issues and desires of the African American people, and that he is willing to lobby and act on their behalf.  Those who believe that he received this vote SOLELY due to his ethnicity are blatantly racist and closed-minded.  Surely his ethnicity played a partial role, but his policies and opinions are those that represented these voters.  Mr. Obama managed to energize an entire voting profile who's votes in the past were not cast whatsoever.  He energized them and made them believe in what he was trying to accomplish.

So how can the Grand Old Party become grand again? 
By listening.  By shutting up and understanding the current social climate of the American people and implementing that climate into the cornerstone of their platform.  By doing so, the party will become a lot less radical, and gain large amounts of voters.  Additionally, the stereotype of the Republican Party must be changed from that of a bunch of cranky old caucasian men, to a diverse crowd of young, energetic, diverse, and revolutionizing members who will drive the party forward.  Only then can the Republican Party truly thrive.

This article is written by a Conservative-Independent who would like to vote conservative again.

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